Fred Coia is an experienced executive with a solid understanding of complex technology and operation functions. He has a unique ability to leverage emerging technology, global resources, relationships, and IT fundamentals to provide businesses with a competitive advantage. Fred is a motivational leader known for rolling up his sleeves, clearly defining desired outcomes, maintaining a sense of humor, and removing obstacles to deliver results that exceed expectations.

Over the course of his career, Fred has helped companies transform operations through technology. His formula includes a blending of operational fundamentals, creative problem solving, and a clear approach to communications. He is proud of his leadership and the accomplishments achieved by the technology organization and his business partners:

• 25% growth in ACA’s annual net profits for 3 straight years, while attaining a 7% net retention rate
• PHH’s “business altering” technology strategy, enabling 50% annual growth for 6 straight years
• TD’s integration of 3 Banks in 180 days, including $2.5B deposits, $2B loans & 64 branches

An accidental “agile” development pioneer in the late 90’s when, to him, it made good business sense to pair key business resources with development teams to conduct iterative application development. Over the years this has enabled his organizations to avoid the pitfalls and overcome challenges with developing timely and comprehensive business requirements.