Toby Buckalew is the CIO of OneShare Health, developing and leading their technology strategy and growth.  He is an accomplished CIO with more than 30 years of experience and success in multiple industries – four healthcare segments, military retail, and mortgage banking financial services.  He leverages his experiences to bring the best practices from each industry together in solving unique challenges with a focus on growth and turnaround strategies. 

Starting his career on US military bases in Germany and Italy, he rapidly grasped the importance of having solid strategies to bridge the technology and operations environments.  Toby’s accomplishments span a variety of experiences.  From creating applications and systems for HP/Compaq to meet the unique needs of the military retail market to integrating healthcare clinics after acquisition he takes lessons and knowledge from one industry to be successful in the other.   Evaluating potential acquisitions for investors, turning around a healthcare company emerging from bankruptcy, and crafting technology strategies for businesses to overcome their growth hurdles, Toby has demonstrated creativity and flexibility throughout his career.

Having lead sales/marketing, infrastructure, development, application, networking, and customer service teams, his wide breadth of leadership experience brings a full understanding of business to the technology environment. 

Toby holds a degree in technical management – logistics from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.  Personally, his wife likes to say he hobbies her to death!  A master-rated SCUBA diver for 30 years, certificated private pilot, licensed amateur radio operator, and other hobbies keep him busy.  Always delving into subjects that catch his interest, Toby enjoys learning about science, technology, and history.